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Constructing Aqueduct across river falku at Ch. 37879mtr on Dhrangadhra Branch Canal

The aqueduct has been constructed on Dhangadhra Branch Canal at. Ch. 37879 mtr. It is a bridge which is constructed for flow of water by crossing river Falku near village Isadra, Tal: Dhangadhra. Total length of the Aqueduct is 200 mtrs. The whole work is constructed in RCC concrete. The work consists of 2 Nos of covered conduits of about 11 to 12 mtr height of piers on both the sides and with earth work with canal lining. Total construction of the work is 1565.25 Lacs. Total capacity of the canal is 42.52 Cusecs.






Constructing Canal earth work & Structure (escape at Ch. 99910m & DSY at Ch. 99040m) on Saurashtra Branch Canal

The Siphon is constructed on Saurashtra Branch Canal at Ch. 99040 mtr near city of Surendranagar. The work consists of crossing of Branch Canal on river near Surendranagar. The work consists of three Batteries having 5 Nos. of conduits of 3.40 x 3.40 mtr size in each Battery. The capacity of the canal is 400 cumecs. The canal is flowing on slab under with river flow is siphoned in three batteries having 5 conduits in each battery. Total length of siphon is 210 mtr. The canal is flowing on top of slab with earthwork with lining. The batteries of siphon are constructed in RCC lining. Total cost of the work is Rs. 1703.80 Lacs.





Super Passage

Constructing Super Passage at Banas Kharia Crossing CH. 367.267 KM OF N.M.C.

The Super Passage is constructed on Narmada Main Canal at. Ch. 367.267 Km at Banas- Kharia crossing the river of Banas. The canal is Syphon on tributary of river Banas. The river is flowing on top of slab acts as Syphon for canal. The length of the Syphon is 73 mtr. There is service road on left side of canal which is crossing the river with the construction of a Bridge. The main canal has discharging capacity of 387.41 cumecs on the right side of the siphon there is a foundation of concrete. The Syphon also is constructed with R. C. C. slab inverted beams and circular columns. The slab is constructed by R.C. C. concrete with circular piers.